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Fuxin Settlement Dataset
Gideon Shelach-Lavi, Mingyu Teng, Ido Wachtel,
Chen Zeigen, and Xiongfei Wan

This dataset serves as a complement to publications derived from regional survey and excavations carried out in the Fuxin area of Western Liaoning Province, China by the Fuxin Project (the Origins of Agriculture and Sedentary Communities in Northeast China). It provides the location and counts of different types of cultural remains and features recorded during the 2012-2013 regional survey and 2015 excavation field seasons.

Results from these investigations have been published in the following sources:

Shelach-Lavi G., M. Teng, Y. Goldsmith, I. Wachtel, C.J. Stevens, O. Marder, X. Wan, X. Wu, D. Tu, R. Shavit, P. Polissar, H. Xu, D.Q. Fuller (in press) Sedentism and plant cultivation in northeast China emerged during affluent conditions. PLoS ONE.
Wachtel, Ido, Royi Zidon, Shimon Garti, and Gideon Shelach-Lavi (2018) Predictive modeling for archaeological site locations: Comparing logistic regression and maximal entropy in north Israel and north-east China. Journal of Archaeological Science 92: 28-36.
Shelach, G. Mingyu Teng, Y. Goldsmith, I. Wachtel, A. Ovadia, Xiongfei Wan, and O. Marder (2016) Human Adaptation and Socio-Economic Change in Northeast China: Results of the Fuxin Regional Survey. Journal of Field Archaeology 41(4): 467-485.
Teng Mingyu, Gideon Shelach, Wan Xiongfei, Ofer Marder and Ido Wachtel (2014) Liaoning Fuxin diqu quyuxing kaogu diaocha jieduanxing baogao (2012-2013) (Report on the Regional Archaeological Survey of the Fuxin area 2012-2013). Beifang Wenwu 2014 (3):3-10.
Shelach, G. Teng Mingyu , Wan Xiongfei (2013) Report on the 2012 field season of the project Origins of Agriculture and Sedentary Communities in Northeast China. Asian Archaeology 1: 10-25.

Funding for this research was provided by the National Geographic Society, Committee for Research and Exploration (grant no. 8614-09) and the Israel Science Foundation (grant no. 502\11).

Shelach-Lavi, Gideon, Mingyu Teng, Ido Wachtel, Chen Zeigen, and Xiongfei Wan (2019) Fuxin Settlement Dataset. Comparative Archaeology Database, University of Pittsburgh. URL: <>.

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Designed by Alexander J. Martín

Survey Field Methods and Forms

A brief description of field methods and the form used during survey are provided as PDF files.

[PDF] Field Methods

[PDF] Field Form

Numeric Data

Numeric data are provided in two file formats. Comma-delimited text files should be easy to import into spreadsheet, database, and statistical programs for manipulation and analysis. Excel spreadsheets are easier to browse, and can also be imported into many programs. The numeric data files are as follows:


Site details from survey

Survey units

Ceramics from survey

Ceramic densities from survey

Lithics from survey

Area 12D16

Excavation unit information from area 12D16

Ceramics from excavation area 12D16

Stone tools from area 12D16

Area 12D56

Excavation unit information from area 12D56

Ceramics from excavation area 12D56

Lab Reports

Lab reports by independent contractors are provided as either PDF or Excel files as they were presented by each corresponding lab.

[PDF] C14 Report

[PDF] Charcoal Taxonomic Identification Report
(In Chinese)

[EXCEL] Botanical Report

Spatial Information

Spatial information is provided as AutoCAD (Release 12) .DXF files which can be read by many CAD and GIS programs. AutoCAD drawing units are in meters. The coordinate system for all spatial data is UTM Zone 51N (units are meters) based on the WGS84 datum.

Survey Maps

Survey collection units

Survey limits

Xiaohexi occupation

Xinglongwa occupation

Zhaobaogou occupation

Hongshan occupation

Lower Xiajiadian occupation

Gaotaishan occupation

Linghe occupation

Location of crops within the survey area

Location of rivers within the survey area

Location of forests within the survey area

Area 12D16 Excavation Maps

Excavation squares

Excavation units

Basket locations

Stone tool locations

C14 Sample locations

Area I excavated area

Complete vessels from Area I

Figurines from Area I

Hearth from Area I

Hut outline

Hut outline completion

Area 12D56 Excavation Maps

Excavation area

Excavation units

Basket locations

Flint locations



Hut outline

Hut outline completion

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