Comparative Archaeology Database, University of Pittsburgh

Pedregal Dataset
Robyn E. Cutright

Soil sample volume by context

The data files SOIL.TXT and SOIL.XLS contain data on the size, type, and contents of each soil sample recovered from excavation contexts at Pedregal. At least one soil sample was generally taken from each excavation context and dry screened through 1/4”, 1/8”, and 1 mm mesh screens in the lab. This table records the samples and their volumes by excavation context. Materials recovered from soil samples were analyzed according to material type and given the same bag number as the soil sample. SOIL.TXT is an ASCII text file, and SOIL.XLS contains the same data in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Each line represents one sample. There are 415 lines in the text file, each with 8 variables separated by commas. The variables are, in the following order:


Context. The number assigned to each distinct excavation context.


Bag Number


Sector. Designates the sector of the site (A-E).


Area. Designates specific areas within each sector.


Unit. Designates excavation unit (1-6) or test pit (PP1-33).






Sample Volume. The volume of the soil sample, in liters, as recorded in the lab.

The first line of the ASCII text file, for example, looks like this:


This indicates that the soil sample comes from context 2, bag number 42, sector A, area 4, Unit 3, feature A, level 1, and has a volume of 4.45 liters.

The last, or 415th, line of the ASCII text file is:


This indicates that the soil sample comes from context 669, bag number 2765, sector A, area 2, Unit PP33, feature O, level 1, and has a volume of 2.40 liters.

Download the file SOIL.TXT (11 KB) or the file SOIL.XLS (70 KB).

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